Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lots of Clay

Being the only raised ranch or split level not sure what to call at end of block built ten years after all the other houses, our yard was I believe largely construction debris. And the soil is pure clay that is even blue in some places. WOW is it bad. Our grass isn't grass, it's clover, creeping charlie, dandelions, quack grass, crab grass and lastly perhaps some "normal" grass thrown in. But since I hate grass and want to eventually eliminate the majority of it, I'm focusing on garden first, landscaping second and then buffalo grass the rest when the time comes. So the first picture was 2009, I pulled up the whatever those were, collards? Planted the typical 8 row garden. WOW what a nice garden of weeds I grew. Ok that's not going to work So in the fall I double dug the whole thing. I buried 3 yards of leaves. Got to know my new neighbor.

Spring came and I looked forward to seeing the fruit of my labor. Soon as it rained? No better. Still huge standing water that never drained. Shoot.