Saturday, August 9, 2014

Garden Update

Peas, Beets, Carrots, Celery that will never make it, Lettuce, Rutabaga

Pumpkins that I planted so late also will likely not make it but I was in fear of squash bug.

Pole Beans on one side of tunnel

Bush beans, 1st row should have beans in 2 weeks, Edamame coming up

Shady side-Hostas, Cherry Tree, Mugo Pine

Someone dropped off 2 mums? Probably my mum!

Dogwood-Cornus Elegantissima, Zinnias, Geranium, Lime Tree

Sweet Potato Vine trying to swallow up spirea and smoke bush.

Little Lime and Limelight Hydrangea

One side of herb wheel, next time I'll put lemon grass in container on patio and fennel in garden. Hides too much of the Japanese Maple.

Russian Sage, Roses, Karl Foerster Grass, Lady's Mantle, and Coreopsis

Fall mum from 2 years ago coming back again! Blue Fescue and Artemesia Powis Castle.

Salvia all leggy and Ajuga Black Scallop continues to grow.

Rock Garden corner, love the sedum!

Tiger Eyes Sumac so chartreuse! Love it!

Herb wheel from front.