Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Artichokes.... the saga

 My friend Lisa had great idea to put them on nights not cold enough in the refrigerator. I down potted them (they were in huge clay pots) and now they have spent a couple nights in Hotel de Frigidaire. They already have these cool spiny leaves.
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb 15, 2012 garden aerial

This is an aerial of Skippy's garden. I wish I could take pictures of mine this way. That's another thing to add to the renovation list, a window to look down on my garden so I can take aerial photos.

Plant stand

Plant stand by tridoc927
Plant stand, a photo by tridoc927 on Flickr.

I trimmed the onions back to 2 inches and the artichokes are off to a good start. But my cuttings look like dead stems.

Feels like spring is coming!

I love following Skippy's Garden Blog and apparently over in Massachusetts they're having a spring like day as well.

daffodil sprouts 052

This is her garden.... so I better run out and check mine!
I love the veins and detail of the deal leaves in this picture.
Whoa I have crocus in bloom and tulips are up!

My picture snapped with my camera phone since I left the good camera at work. :-(

Crocus backyard

Crocus backyard by tridoc927
Crocus backyard, a photo by tridoc927 on Flickr.

Even the backyard crocus are up! Or should that be croci?


Crocus by tridoc927
Crocus, a photo by tridoc927 on Flickr.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Plant Hardiness Zone has changed!

With the trends toward warmer temperatures, the USDA just released new maps of zones and now I'm in 5b!
Where's Al Gore?