Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bought the Wrong Mulch But I Was Distracted

Today I finally resolved to get outside and start working on my yard. It’s a disaster. A disaster of biblical proportions. It used to be nice. Church service this morning was all the choir program and I enjoyed it. Probably because the cantata contained many old hymns that I miss. After the service, I slipped out to where I parked in this little lot on the other side that I usually don’t park in but being close to Easter the lot is more crowded. I got in my car and posted a picture of the choir to Instagram in their pastels and thought what a beautiful day. I will go get mulch and get to the yard! I looked in my rear-view mirror and stopped. Something is wrong. Took me a second, why it’s a dog in a car that appears to be all closed. Crap! It’s a boxer mix. But he’s not panting. My car was warm when I got in but not terrible but what if the person that owns the car is staying for Sunday School? Then some people came out the side door and I thought whew here they are so I backed out and left but I realized when I was going down the road and looked back over they were getting into the car next to the one with the dog. Didn’t they see the dog too? Ok I’m getting my mulch and I’m coming back.

Obviously, I was in a hurry because I didn’t want the dog to die and I was not too happy with the owner either. I had planned on shopping slowly and perusing but I bought 4 bags of what I thought was pine bark mulch and headed out. I wouldn’t even let them load for it me as I knew I could do it faster. I drove back to church and pulled in right next to the car with the windows still closed and didn’t see the dog. I was so scared to look and see the dog lying in the car probably near dead. But no dog. Then I looked up and here comes the dog with his owner. Very happy to have been walking the trails. This older man, clearly is wondering why I was looking in his car. I said “Oh there you are!” to the dog. Who ran to me and I petted him or her. He slobbered me good. I said to the owner that I had to come back to make sure the dog wasn’t left in the car without any air since the windows were closed. The owner told me she loves to come with us and I walk her between services back on the trails. He says, “are you ready for your water?” and lets the dog back in gives it water but still doesn’t lower any windows.

I just got in my car and left. I looked at another person getting in her car with the license plate Lasse 1 or some number and thought you’re seeing this, too right? How can I sit in church now with that dog stuck out in a car without the windows even cracked? If this happens again next week somebody will be getting smashed windows for Easter. This person clearly loves his dog but if he doesn’t start cracking his windows I’m going to lose it. Could he honestly not know how hot it gets? His dog is a boxer mix to top it off so already disadvantaged in the breathing department. I wonder if I emailed the church office if someone would say something to this person?

When I got home I had lost some of my interest in working outside and felt compelled to work on my backlog of notes that haunt me. But I finally decided I had done quite a few and could take some time outside. I weeded my bed around the mailbox. Cleared the leaves I always pile around. Discovered the irises are probably in serious need of dividing and I have no clue but I know people that do! Went got a bag of mulch out of my car and opened it and oh phooey. Not the right mulch. I still had a bag of the mulch I like so I spread that first. But it didn’t cover the whole bed so I went ahead and used the wrong mulch. So now my bed has two mulches. I will probably take the rest of the mulch back and buy the right mulch. I’m also open to suggestions about the situation with the dog. How do you break the window if you need to?