Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Batch of Truly Finished Compost

In the past I never let the compost just age and completely finish. I would often take the "almost" finished compost and mix into the beds in the fall and by spring it was finished there but then I wouldn't get to appreciate it. Well I noticed the squash bugs had attacked a pumpkin vine that was growing out of this compost bin I haven't touched all summer. I went to pull the vine out and wow the soil was perfect and crumbly. OMG it's done just a little dry grass on the top of it. So I sifted it all into a new bin to save for potting or seed starting or adding to some plants that could use a boost. But first I had to take pictures of course.
Sifting out the unfinished peices and big sticks.
The bin as I removed the compost. 
Eventually about filled this bin.

Rylie holding a handful of black gold pre-sifting.

Very exciting. I estimate this batch took about a year and a half. I probably had compost in here for more than that but kept adding to it and taking some almost finished away. But then this pile overwintered and I only added straw and grass early in spring when I layered it and put in various objects to improve airflow then threw a couple pumpkin vines on it and left it and whallah!