Monday, August 12, 2013

New food mill for making smoother paste and sauces

I know I have a different kind of food mill here somewhere that my mother-in-law gave me. She made according to my husband like 50 quarts of tomato juice a year so I'm sure it works very well. I remember it being similar to the picture below.

However, my husband put it somewhere in the attic and I've twice looked for it and can't find it. So technically actually that's a strainer but it does some of the same thing. Maybe even better.  So I really needed one so I bought a different kind so that I wouldn't have two of the same thing and could see which I like better for what. I got the oxogrips food mill from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It had fairly good ratings.
So far I've put up about 5 small jars of paste, 2 large jars and 1 small jar of tomato sauce. BUT wow long way to go since I had a bumper crop of tomatoes. My seedlings died so I bought 4 different kinds of plants, 4 of each of the first 3 then 2 of the last. 
Sweet cluster
Oval or fingerling type also cluster
Arkansas Traveler (Pink heirloom)
Patio Tomato
And wow I've got tomatoes coming out of my ears.
I've had a half an island covered with tomatoes at least 4 times.

No I'm not using canned tomatoes, I'm dumping some waste in the can.
Roasting loads of the fingerling/grape type tomato for paste.

After pulverizing in food processor

Grinding through mill to remove skins, pulp and missed seeds.

Unfortunately all that winding is hard work.

Simmering juice mixed with puree tomatoes to make paste.

Shucks I should have taken some pictures of it on a spoon or something to show how thick it is at the end. I only am adding some brown sugar at the simmering stage. But when I roasted them they were sprinkled with olive oil and Italian seasonings mix.