Saturday, May 25, 2013


Everything I've seen on Hugulkultur always starts with piles of wood.
Almost finished compost.
I was so bummed with this rainy weather. We have 3 day weekend and it's raining and forecast to continue all 3 days. So what in the world can I do outside to fulfill my need to garden? I haven't put the azaleas in my parent's backyard yet and that needs to happen. THEN IT HIT ME! HUGULKULTUR! No it's not a way to grow mushrooms but similar. In a woodland garden the forest floor is rich with nutrients from decaying leaves and branches. It just so happens that they have tons of wood and sticks in a pile in backyard, my leaf mold is aging in a dog pen, and what better way to make a nice bed for AZALEAS that like to live in the acidic, edge of the forest. HUGULKULTUR will be perfect.

Here's an example although this guy didn't use much other than wood.

Turned over one row of the sod by the fence the rest I covered with  cardboard.
I watched a video a few days ago where they made a mound about 20 feet wide and 5 feet high with wood peices in the base then layers of straw, leaves, garbage, junkmail, newspaper, and manure layered up. I used wood, leaf/grass mix that's already started molding, finished compost, Better Earth compost, clay dirt from  my front yard, newspaper, cardboard. Not in that order actually. I can't find that video now which is a bummer because I think it was to reggae music. Here's a similar one but they didn't throw garbage in their pile.

Here's a how to document:

Where's the video I watched?

Bricks will go around edge of many of these beds later.

Cardboard-Rotting Wood-Leaf Mold-Compost-Newspaper- Leaf  Mold- Compost -Leaf  Mold. Then letting it sit in rain this weekend and will add more after I see how it settles.

I can't find the video I originally watched. Guess I'm going to have to make my own. But too late. These pictures will have to suffice.

New look for front yard by garden gate

I started digging and transplanting tonight in front of garden gate.I am making an artichoke bed. Here's a collage of what I'm going for:

I have no idea if I threw the poppie seeds in what would happen.The package indicates I should have started long before the frost.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Garden Divided

I could never publish my garden plan from because the limit in one direction was 93' 2" and I did my whole yard in one plan. So today I decided to make 2 plans. One for the front yard and one for the back and side yards. So far this is the back yard. It will have the edible garden on the South side and the Shade garden, hopefully future dry stream bread and Japanese style garden on the North side.

I tried to send up my front yard and it wouldn't go up. So I worked on it some more and tried again and now it's up. Yeah!

So now you can see my plans. I have a lot more planned than what is time or financially possible this season. But a girl can dream!

Unfortunately I am as behind outside as I am on this plan. I have my whole plot plan in place but I of course think I need to redo it. And I'm way behind outside!

Mailbox Garden ooh la la

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Planting below today

A few of my beds especially #8 is really warped and falling apart. So we have been discussing rebuilding the beds and I actually want to consolidate 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, and 7 and 8. Then I'll have four beds which I'm already calling A, B, C, and D. Then I marked the current beds according to where stuff will go based on a grid system I set up in I can't believe I never did this before I was always printing my current version of growveg and taking it with me to the garden and trying to gestimate where that was in the actual boxes. Now I would set up string and divide them into square foot gardens. But I never had a system for which grid was which. It mostly worked but this way I can leave the pretty printout inside and just make a list of locations. 

So when we priced what the bed redo was going to cost we estimated it to start at $700 and go up from there. Not really in the budget at the moment. I'm thinking of just consolidating by hammering boards between the beds I want to join for now and in the fall making it look pretty. And may do just beds 7 and 8 over now since that's the beds in the most need.

I love the hot pink or fuschia next to the chartreuse of the berberi.
Chitting potatoes to plant in couple days. Ordered these from the they were featured on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. What a hunk!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Managed to get some stuff done this morning between raindrops

I realized I better attend to the plant stand today as most of the stuff there needs planted or repotted. So most of it got put in peat pots and put into my new little greenhouse stand. Bought the latter for cheap last year at  Big R I think.