Saturday, August 9, 2014

Espalier! Espalier! Espalier!

Anyone out there that speaks French and wants to tell me how to say this word I'm all ears. I'm saying it as "es-spa-lee-aye" but no idea if that's correct.

So here's the plan....not only espalier-ed but an apple tree guild. A guild is a method of companion planting to support the main crop, in this case the apple tree, by growing around it other plants that will deter pests, enhance flavor, improve soil, and increase yield.

Here's the easier to understand diagram:
But since drawing this diagram and reviewing my perennial beds I decided that most perennials need 18-24 inches not a foot so my collage has less plants than diagrammed to give them more room. So the plants I plan to possible put around or *definitely put around the apple trees are as follows:
*Chives, regular not garlic unless garlic already there
*Allium Globemaster, some already in place
*Yarrow, summer dreams have 3 plants
Daisy, not sure which type needed
*May Night Salvia because I love it!!!!
*Lupine plant from seed
*Strawberries, some already in place
Trifolium purpurens-purple clover
*Thyme creeping pink, have lots of seeds not sure how easy to grow

Need to add stepping stones into the diagram as well. Maybe need new diagram!

And I guessed when I drew the tree about a foot from the fence but that turns out to be the right minimum distance away.  This blog was also helpful:

I would normally never be planting or moving plants in July and August but this summer the weather has been ridiculously mild and lots of rain. So let the planting carry on!

Now to get my husband to work on the deck and fencing. He promised to do so tomorrow. If he reneges there is going to be some possible blood shed, ok at least tears.