Thursday, March 29, 2012

Asparagus off to slow start

This is the beginning of the first year that the asparagus bed could be harvested. Hmmmmm. OK off to a slow start.
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Artemesia Silver Mound

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Grape Hyacinth

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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh Maintenance

I wanted to give Artichokes a try. I like them occasionally although I would bet in the food prep category they are not considered good for a 15 minute weeknight meal plan. I also love that the plant when full grown looks so extra terrestrial!

I saw these seeds in the Botanical Interests catalog on line so here we go. After purchase, I find out that you have to put them outside for 10 in a row with temps in the 50's and night time 30's. Who would have ever thunk that wouldn't happen? (Is thunk a real word?) We didn't. Even now with the dips toward frost the day time temps are 60's. So this 10 day time period to fool them into thinking they overwintered and are now second season? Probably not going to work.

But hopefully this will get some E.T. action in the garden.
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New Planting Corner in Basement

Last year my husband, Pat, made this plant stand for me! He didn't finish it until after St. Patrick's Day buttttttttt hey it's awesome. This is the first year I had it early and started the season on time. So it'll be interesting to see what difference it makes.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Martha Stewart Paint...Lemongrass

This one was a sample that I rejected for the inside walls but had plenty to cover this trellis. Lemongrass and I'll have to correct the other was Bay Leaf not Basil.
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Martha Stewart Paint ... Bay Leaf.

Having good day painted front door and 2 trellis' after my friend Lisa Goodwin pointed out how the paper wasps were stripping off the smallest little peices and making their nests!

But wow did I pay for this later.
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Beer Garden

Hoping for a slug fest! OK if they don't show up that's ok too as long as I don't find anyone eating my precious Brocolli Romanesco and Rubine Brussel Sprout seedlings.
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Artichoke time to go outside

Actually this crazy weather we kind of skipped the time it's supposed to be outside. Trying to fool it and have it think it went through winter and if this heat wave continues will have to put in refrigerator at night to do that. Hmph, should have thought of that before transplanting to these big pots.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crocuses or Croci?

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Garden Helper Fairy #2

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Time to turn the compost

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Garden Helper Fairy #1

Quick there goes a garden fairy!

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Daffodils bloomed so time to sow Peas

Isn't that the rule?  I'm assuming it's time even if everything wasn't early. In fact if I went by the temperature I'm probably LATE! I soaked them over night then dusted them with the booster (bacteria

According to Burpee...
Peas thrive in cool weather and young plants will tolerate light frosts. Once germinated, peas adapt well to the cold, damp climate of early spring. Peas must be planted as early as possible in the spring to get a full harvest before hot summer temperatures arrive and put an end to production. In temperate zones, the saying "Plant peas by St. Patrick's Day" holds true. Otherwise, plant peas about a month prior to your frost-free date.

Yes but who ever thought it would be this warm so soon. It may be too warm for the spring peas!
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Celery sure does grow slow!

Started this in January!
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