Sunday, December 16, 2012

Outside Christmas Decorations

Last weekend when we were up at condo I admired how they just covered all the beds with evergreen boughs, stuck in white sicks, red beads and whallah the beds were dressed for the season. So yesterday when I was wishing I could do something outside I decided to go find stuff to decorate mine with at Hoerr nursery. And basically they had the same stuff. Exactly. I would have like to been a little different but really it was all the exact same. So ok it's better than another nap on the futon with a seed catalog.

I especially got a kick out of the last photo framed by the lovely camper. By the time, Pat gets that back to Dr. Miles family it'll be summer again. lol.

Then I had also noticed up at the Botanical Gardens this past weekend they had all of their roses pruned down and covered with mulch/bark/peat looking mixture. So I pruned back the roses today. Probably still not down as much as at CBG but all my heart could bear.

My rose pruned. Good thing I didn't prune down farther as later I found out only tea roses need the harsh pruning. The double knock out's recommend pruning to 12 to 18 inches once a year usually late winter. Shoot. I'm early but hopefully it'll work out. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

First of the Month---Check Chores Due

My other plan is to use this blog's list of montly chores to stay on top of the garden. I think most of it is done but this well help me make sure. Need a garden calendar for sure. I have started one on outlook and have a different version on every computer I use so that's no good.

Ok so I figured out how to upload prior garden events to my new Google Calendar for Gardening!

Now to add it to the sidebar of this blog.