Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Red mulch

Tragedy struck as far as the solenaceous family is concerned. First I put a few more tomato plants out but then forgot to put more walls of water around them. This was 2 Friday's ago before we left for the weekend. I think I thought I'd be back to the house and have time to put them up and of course that didn't happen we went up to Chicago for weekend and on return they looked pretty done. Wilted and yellow.  But alas I have more seedlings then I have places to plant them! Right?

Not! A mouse has gotten into our house and we have yet to catch it. And not only did it eat my sunflower seeds. But it finished off the seedlings of all the tomato plants left except a few of Rylie's and my pepper plants. GONE!!! Can you  believe it? Wow. Plan A and B dead. OK so plan C go to Sheridan's nursery and buy new plants, lay down the better red mulch (thicker biohazard bags from office), and fill up the walls of water and put those around them too.

Let's hope I don't have to repeat plan C again and call it plan D but after weeks and weeks of mild weather I think I am all off as far as schedule goes and I probably put the tomatoes out way too early! Phooey! I think I've gotten so consumed with following the Farmer's Almanac as far as above and below ground that I have lost track of when to plan out with respect to the average last frost. Especially since our last true frost was first of March I think? With just a few dips in April. 

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