Sunday, April 21, 2013

Holy Smokes I Never Posted MY DRAWINGS!!!!

Here I was working on a better picture for the header since the other one was too big and took up the whole screen. I wanted more of a banner. I added a picture from the Architectural Rendering class and realized I never posted those pictures! So here's the drawings of the backyard I did for week 4 of Architectural Rendering for Landscape and Garden Designers with Jo Chance. I really learned a lot from the class and enjoyed doing the drawings. In fact, both this class and the previous class with John Brookes really sparked my interest in drawing again so I've gone on and done more and tried out different styles and such.

Jo Chance declared this one as well done. Which made my day!
One student complained that we didn't do any drawings that were from the top or bird's eye views or as he called it outline plans. So she  gave us some tips on those as well and I took the plan I've been working on using John Brookes instruction and books and used her coloring suggestions.

I would color in less of the driveway and sidewalk on the next try as well as adding shadows. BUT I changed my mind about some of the basic design so I'm redrawing at that stage first before coloring again. Wow this is a lot of work but I love it!