Friday, July 5, 2013

Forget the Planning and Just START!

I love that idea. That's what one chapter said in Fine Gardening's Book on Beds & Borders. The author claims if you try and replicate a picture from a magazine or book it typically is more about color and doesn't come together so she claimed start with a few plants that you really love and add on as you go. So hah! I'm right on track then. I also realized a benefit to that is you can replace pockets of soil and put down mulch and the mulch decaying improves the rest as you go. Another plus is that plants that I have had for 3 years or so now already can be divided or branches off ground cover moved to the new beds so I don't have to buy a ton of plants. So now I can say "yeah I meant to do that!"

So I am trying asparagus crowns and asparagus plants again and this time in the front yard! Gasp! Rosalind Creasy would be so proud. They didn't come back the second year in the vegetable garden in a raised bed full of great soil so now I'll try a raised bed of so-so soil. I did add mushroom compost around them.  The crowns are purple passion and yes I'm very late getting these in. The plants I bought at Farm&Fleet. Never heard of nurseries selling asparagus plants before just crowns or seeds so we'll see how they do. I like it though because it's hard to look at these alien looking crowns below and picture the beautiful fern that grows from them. But the already growing plants give some instant gratification and hope that at least they'll be able to set roots and continue before weeds can return and take over. It took me all day to pick out the creeping charlie so keep your fingers crossed.

Tomorrow I will add more seedlings I have grown of stachy's byzantia, echinacea coneflower, and still needs more plants that I have to think about. It's a work in progress!