Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Late Frost but Early Snow! More Beautiful Fall Pictures First

Tuesday it snowed and it's still on the ground in some places. Wow. Seems awfully early for this. My new leaf blower-vac-shredder has been great for chopping up leaves for leaf mold and compost and overwinter mulch. The tree in the front yard across the street at my mom's has mostly fell but the two in the backyard haven't even started.

Speaking of beautiful fall foliage, I took these pictures along the Woodland trail behind our church on Sunday. I had never even realized there was this little trail back there but the woods were calling me so I wandered out into the woods and found this path.

Peoria is just full of beautiful bluffs and ravines like this.

This one makes me think of the saying, no more perfect view than the one above your head!