Monday, June 8, 2015

June 2015 CRASH Garden Hit By Tree!

Silver Maples.... Should be called spaghetti Maple.

I watched it happen in horror. My husband came in to our bedroom and said that's a good way to get killed. But I was stunned. I was standing in the window watching the wind whip the neighbor's trees like they were nothing and one came and reached out and looked like it was about to come through the very window I was standing at and then a loud crack. THANK YOU  Lord for sparing me as I was just standing there in awe of the sheer power of that wind and could very well have been hit by that tree. So it destroyed the back half of my garden. A very upsetting event you would think but I was grateful to be alive. 

I'll certainly never forget what it looked like when it snapped. It was so mesmerizing. It looked like Indiana Jones' whip just reached out and was about to brush my face when it cracked. 

Tree 1 Birdbath 0

Wow that was a lot of that tree. 
Definitely ruined.

Wheelbarrow in sorry shape as well.
Back fence and side fence also damaged. 

The back half of the garden has been a mess every since... 10/22/2016