Friday, December 30, 2011

New Mexican butterwort thanks to Emiko Yang

The new Butterwort is sitting next to the herbs in the window. Although they're all going to have spend some time perhaps weekdays under the plant light I would think.

Emiko gave me a Mexican Butterwort last year when the office had gnat or some kind of no-see-um type of bug driving us crazy. But I had it in the kitchen during one of the destruction/renovaation days and it got covered with gypsum dust and soon bit the dust. This new one is absolutely huge and beautiful. She said by growing in clear plastic she was having far better productivity and now has them coming out of her ears.

According to Wikipedia:
The butterworts are a group of carnivorous plants comprising the genus Pinguicula. Members of this genus use sticky, glandular leaves to lure, trap, and digest insects in order to supplement the poor mineral nutrition they obtain from the environments. Of the roughly 80 currently known species, 12 are native to Europe, 9 to North America, and some in northern Asia. The largest number of species is in South and Central America.

This was the last one may it rest in peace or in my compost pile. Can you see the juicy bugs just sitting there in the sticky juice and waiting to be digested.
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