Monday, May 28, 2012

Garden Envy thanks to Lincoln Park Zoo Demo Garden

Well first of all I was thinking Hah I have irrigation system now can they top that?

Well yes, because they now also have irrigation system just donated.

I wonder if this is "cattle panel" that I keep wanting to use for trellising hoops and a big tunnel that my husband keeps talking me out of it.

At first I thought "Hey I'm not the only one with Sorrel out of control but turns out this is horseradish." I heard horseradish was ugly but certainly no uglier than Sorrel and really not ugly to me? I've seen uglier. Like Echinacea Purpura if you don't hack away the dead ones between winter and summer. YUCK!

We both have a huge batch of Chinese red giant mustard greens!

AND WE both have Asparagus BLUES. There's didn't really come back either! Hah! Maybe we picked the wrong year to start and Asparagus Bed.

I currently am using an old bird seed feeder or it must be squirrel feeder because it's for holding corn cobs as my "aerator" for the compost bin. This is great idea and probably easier to put in place.

We will make all of our bins this way from now on. And I'm going to add sitting ledge to top of the raised beds in garden after this is done.

Wow is that beautiful! What is it?

My potato sacks that I plan to plant today or tomorrow will be much more colorful! I already put the early potatoes in a bed. But the mid season fancy shmancy potatoes are going in sacks. Next year I'm growing them all in a "potato box" which my husband will be making but doesn't know yet!

Oh so envious.