Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Succession planting bush beans

This chart is from article in GROW, Vol. 4. You can still buy it at and I recommend it. It was packed with great articles about vegetable gardening through the seasons.

It always cracks me up because one of the beans has same name as an employee I had not once but twice that was ALWAYS late if she showed.

So starting 1 week after frost 1st bean to go in is Provider. CHECK
Now 3rd week after time for Royal Burgundy.
5 weeks Purple Queen*
7 weeks Gold Rush*
10 weeks pull out Provider and put in Venture*
12 weeks replace Royal burgundy with Topcrop*
14 weeks replace Purple Queen with Gina*
Last one at 16 weeks replacing Gold Rush is "I could be a CONTENDER"*

However, I'll substitute some since I have a few different varieties: which I will add more about later today I hope.