Sunday, February 10, 2013

So how much of the yard is shade vs. sun?

So in designing your yard you have to know which plants for full sun- part sun/part shade- full shade. BUT that's different depending on the time of the year right? And then when trees fill in the shade changes from when you planted in spring until mid-summer. So I thought maybe I could calculate the sun path and know for sure what is in shade when. Might be easier to just photograph this year but here goes nothing.

Peoria is at 40.6936° N, 89.5889° W. Basically I'm going with 40° N then. Especially since I found this great diagram for 40° N.

OK then looking at the front of our house we're then looking West. Sun then travels up over parent's house and our front yard is pretty much full sun and then over house and sets on back yard side. Vegetable garden is on South side which would be all full sun if it were not for neighbor's backyard tree that is getting bigger.  Backyard has no trees in our yard (we have absolutely no trees, just planted a couple ornamental ones but pretty much no shade from our side) but neighbor to the West has 2 very, very tall trees that have a fairly small canopy considering there size.  But they do cast some long shadows over backyard.

So this isn't even correct as far as angle because it's 2D. I will probably need to make a little model to look at the effect of the sun on veg. garden and backyard pool to really now.
But hey something to think about.