Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, My Bonnie Lies Over the Sea... Won't Someone Bring Back My Bonnie to Me!

My dad used to sing that all the time. When does this get easier?

But I actually started that song thinking about Bonnie's question to me about sugar substitutes. Dr. Jill Carnahan, a former Peoria physician and now residing in Flatiron, Colorado published in her blog about the bad news of artificial sweeteners. Stevia was on good list but Truvia on bad list. Agave nectar which is called for all the time in many of my functional cooking books, hmph, bad list.

This is one of those times I think to myself, geez my brain needs some glucose and sometimes that's going to mean "F#@% it!" But Bonnie is diabetic so WTF is she supposed to do. Well, first of all we consume way to much sugar and fructose, I agree, so cutting back I think is good idea and well I think Bonnie is better off with stevia then aspartame. But that got me wondering about how to extract one's own sugar from the Stevia plant since it's so often better to do it yourself.

In my plans to move my herbs to the front garden I'm not exactly sure which of my plants if any is the stevia plant. BUT it's easy enough to figure out with a taste test. I found this blog about making a sweetener from stevia. The next step of course is how to incorporate into recipes.

And speaking of herb garden progress....

Can't find my edger!!! Picked up all the bricks last week and planned to use this tool and starting putting in the bricks and can't find it anywhere!

I have no idea how I made this picture do all this changing how cool though!