Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Plan for My Mom's Yard... It all started with Hugulkultur

This is the collage of proposed plan.
Azaleas, Hostas, Aureolo Hakone Grass, Incrediball Hydrangea, Weeping Norway Spruce and Ferns along with a Rock Edging.

I thought I already posted the state it was in after we moved a bunch of dirt from the pool dig over to regraded and make perimeter beds but maybe not.

It started after I saw a show on Hugulkultur. They talked about re-creating the same environment that happens on the woodland forest to make a wonderful loamy soil. That made me think of my mom's yard which has  two big oak trees with tons of fallen sticks, leaves and such. What better way to make raised perimeter beds! So you can later cardboard, junk mail, garbage (same stuff that goes in compost, but the most important part is the wood. The deader the better.
So I put down cardboard first along back fence. Then covered with sticks and twigs. 
I collected wood all over the yard and they had these great piles of wood and sticks that were already partly decomposed.

More sticks over the leaves again.

More sticks and leaves and branches.
Then the dirt came over from pool excavation.
First pile...
A lot of dirt.
I regraded along the house to 4 feet or more away.
Built up box that protects crawlspace another 4 inches.

Hacked down the bulk of the lilac bushes and stray weed trees.

Old dog kennel is great place for leaf compost.