Friday, November 23, 2012

Attempting to Get Organized Early!

This year I am getting a jump on things early and also rethinking some of my garden layout. I want to expand into front side yard some but without fencing it in since we haven't even finished the fence on North side of backyard yet. Plus I promised my husband I wouldn't erect one like the people in Canada. I thought their garden was great but they also had no backyard so they had no choice but to go all front.

 I'm more  interested in an ornamental/edible garden in front on the side of the driveway that we share with neighbors. They moved in last year and thought the garden was beautiful so hoping to see how they feel about more in front. I have a feeling they'll be easier to convince then Pat!

So anyway that's a ways off. Meanwhile I have gone through my seeds from last year(s) and put into spreadsheet and started selecting what I need to order and from where. I'd like to share what I have so far if I can figure out how to embed a excel spreadsheet. I can at least show some ideas I'm playing around with in