Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Before I left on vacation

This year having drip irrigation I had huge harvests. Anyone in Central Illinois this summer knows that's a miracle. We were so behind in precipitation. I believe we are experiencing desertification and that doesn't mean more chocolate or ice cream if you follow me. BUT that's my tomatos on the vine. I've had a steady harvest of tomatoes for over 2 months now. But plenty looked great on the vine when I left.

I was in South Dakota for about 10 days. Supposed to be a week but our truck broke down. Anyway, meanwhile back on the homestead, it rained and rained. We got the remnants of hurricane, Isaac or was it Ilene? I'm sure it was Isaac. Ok well returned and found tomatoes scattered all over yard. One vine the tomatoes all have end rot. And the rest look sad. I think the above 2 may be the only ones that survived and ripened. And all my squash, melon, and cucumber vines were dead in the garden. I haven't even looked at all the winter squash vines by pool yet. I'm scared. But very sad. I'll take pictures of it when sun comes' up.

From the backyard gate the sweet potatoes have taken over the back 2 beds and all over the back fence and trying to latch on to gate even. And Peter Rabbit is living in the corner. So suspect #1.

Here's the summer squash bed. Last night I threw melon vine with one rotten melon on it as well.

Strawberries I thinned the half on the left. Yeah they came right back. I'm going to try and move them to be ground cover under blueberries but haven't figured out how to do that yet.

Former melon trellis

Cucumber trellis

To me this looks like blight or mildew?

End rot

Brussel sprouts holding their own. Beautiful plants that white flies/mites have lived on and now leaves not so pretty.

The frost will come kill off the bugs and the brussel sprouts will survive and flourish.