Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chicago Botanical Gardens Return Trip

I was so excited to return and take pictures but again I forgot a better camera. So these were all taken with my phone which I suppose takes a pretty good picture afterall. Especially when my best photo ever I couldn't reproduce again if I tried. I love looking at pictures I take but it's more for me so if I ever hope to entertain more people I guess I need a photography class at the least.

So look at this beautiful Butterfly Bush. WOW!!!
Butterfly Bush... DARK KNIGHT

Espalier Plum Tree

Espalier Pear

Espalier Apple

Espalier oh Espalier.... can't recall what kind.

Next year I'll plant beets like this for Pat!

Cabbage and Snow White Alyssum. I have expected to see a cabbage patch baby in such a beautiful bed.


Autumn Crocus
 I have many more to upload. Just can't find the time.