Thursday, January 31, 2013

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Sunrise and sunset in Peoria

Flag for U.S.A.Peoria, Illinois, United States

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Rising and setting times for the Sun

Length of daySolar noon
DateSunriseSunsetThis dayDifferenceTimeAltitudeDistance
(million mi)
Feb 1, 20137:08 AM5:16 PM10h 08m 13s+ 2m 11s12:12 PM32.4°91.609
Feb 2, 20137:07 AM5:18 PM10h 10m 27s+ 2m 13s12:12 PM32.7°91.623
Feb 3, 20137:06 AM5:19 PM10h 12m 42s+ 2m 15s12:12 PM33.0°91.638
Feb 4, 20137:05 AM5:20 PM10h 14m 59s+ 2m 16s12:12 PM33.3°91.653
Feb 5, 20137:04 AM5:21 PM10h 17m 18s+ 2m 18s12:12 PM33.6°91.668
Feb 6, 20137:03 AM5:23 PM10h 19m 38s+ 2m 20s12:12 PM33.9°91.684
Feb 7, 20137:02 AM5:24 PM10h 21m 59s+ 2m 21s12:13 PM34.2°91.700
Feb 8, 20137:01 AM5:25 PM10h 24m 22s+ 2m 22s12:13 PM34.5°91.716
Feb 9, 20136:59 AM5:26 PM10h 26m 46s+ 2m 24s12:13 PM34.8°91.732
Feb 10, 20136:58 AM5:27 PM10h 29m 11s+ 2m 25s12:13 PM35.2°91.749
Feb 11, 20136:57 AM5:29 PM10h 31m 37s+ 2m 26s12:13 PM35.5°91.766
Feb 12, 20136:56 AM5:30 PM10h 34m 05s+ 2m 27s12:13 PM35.8°91.783
Feb 13, 20136:55 AM5:31 PM10h 36m 33s+ 2m 28s12:13 PM36.2°91.800
Feb 14, 20136:53 AM5:32 PM10h 39m 03s+ 2m 29s12:13 PM36.5°91.818
Feb 15, 20136:52 AM5:34 PM10h 41m 34s+ 2m 30s12:12 PM36.9°91.836
Feb 16, 20136:51 AM5:35 PM10h 44m 05s+ 2m 31s12:12 PM37.2°91.854
Feb 17, 20136:49 AM5:36 PM10h 46m 37s+ 2m 32s12:12 PM37.6°91.873
Feb 18, 20136:48 AM5:37 PM10h 49m 11s+ 2m 33s12:12 PM37.9°91.892
Feb 19, 20136:47 AM5:38 PM10h 51m 45s+ 2m 34s12:12 PM38.3°91.911
Feb 20, 20136:45 AM5:40 PM10h 54m 19s+ 2m 34s12:12 PM38.6°91.930
Feb 21, 20136:44 AM5:41 PM10h 56m 55s+ 2m 35s12:12 PM39.0°91.950
Feb 22, 20136:42 AM5:42 PM10h 59m 31s+ 2m 36s12:12 PM39.3°91.970
Feb 23, 20136:41 AM5:43 PM11h 02m 08s+ 2m 36s12:12 PM39.7°91.991
Feb 24, 20136:39 AM5:44 PM11h 04m 45s+ 2m 37s12:12 PM40.1°92.012
Feb 25, 20136:38 AM5:45 PM11h 07m 23s+ 2m 37s12:11 PM40.5°92.034
Feb 26, 20136:36 AM5:47 PM11h 10m 01s+ 2m 38s12:11 PM40.8°92.056
Feb 27, 20136:35 AM5:48 PM11h 12m 40s+ 2m 38s12:11 PM41.2°92.078
Feb 28, 20136:33 AM5:49 PM11h 15m 20s+ 2m 39s12:11 PM41.6°92.101

All times are in local time for Peoria
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