Saturday, June 15, 2013

More Digging

Last year I was not happy when the pool that was on backorder finally came July 25 and my husband then said "how are you going to put that up?" We picked this out together so it wasn't like he didn't know anything about it. So then THEN he informs me we have to level backyard before we can put it in. Argggggggggh!
So August 5th when pool finally assembled the weather cools down from all those 90 and 100 degree days and never gets over 90 again!!!!

So this year when he wanted to dig a hole and put it half way in I started months ago trying to recruit help and plan ahead. BUT it rained so much this spring there was no digging until a week or so ago and now the people that can help are busy so what do you do!

You dig it yourself!
I realize if one of them becomes available in the next week or so I'll barely have made a dent. BUT if they're not available for several weeks heck maybe we'll get it in without them. Or so I believe. My husband? Yeah not so much.

My helper

Corner closest to fence and neighbor's tree lots of roots!

Still one big problem where to put the dirt!

Giant Root

Starting with the edge

That's about 35 wheelbarrows (not full) removed
So if anyone in Peoria needs dirt let me know. BUT do me a favor and at least bring a pickup to the house where we can load you up. We can deliver if you don't have one but it would help my back if I don't have to do all the work. THANKS!