Monday, June 24, 2013

Not what I meant when said I wanted pool!

Well that didn't work.

So when my friend Mike was here last he said we should probably rent one of those machines with ability to pull dirt out swivel and dump into dump truck. No idea what it's called but not a skid loader or ditch witch and so I figured meanwhile I could still dig out with shovel because my parents need some dirt, we need dirt other places and not sure how to get dump truck in yard and until figure that out we'd move dirt that we can. Then I say to Pat this isn't so bad maybe you and Joe could help this weekend. 

OK so 60 wheelbarrows later I was this far:

Not quite a foot down and maybe 1/3 dug out in horizontal plane. So with 2 men helping surely we could get 2 feet down in a weekend. BUT then it got HOT!!!! So after 15 minutes of Pat digging on Saturday he says this is crazy call around for equipment. All I can find is walk behind skidloader without teeth. He thinks it should be better than digging with shovel. We do that all day Saturday and half Sunday. 

Hard to tell but now we're talking about 2/3's dug out some parts almost 18 inches. Um that's a long way to go and then half way through Sunday the sky opens up and it rains again last night  and today and now we have this:
And I'm afraid most of the mud slid back in that was piled up on West side and rest caved in some and shoot we're practically starting over!


So see I'm afraid Mike was right but still don't know how we'd get that dump truck into back yard without wrecking (more) of the front yard landscape.  And backhoe? Is that what it's called?