Monday, June 3, 2013

Mother's Day azaleas in the ground

Well I planted the azaleas into the Hugulkultur bed this am. I must confess I did top off the many layers with some sphagmum peat moss. :-( That's what happens when you buy the plants BEFORE you have the bed ready. But I also needed some peat because the leaf mold and pine needles were not bringing the pH down enough in the Blueberry bed. They were originally planted in mixture of peat and clay. Then I have composted the Christmas tree two years in a row by adding all the needles to this bed.  I've added leaf mold.Still the pH I measured this weekend was 7.0. So since this is their 4 year and still no blueberries I was desparate.

You can't tell but the blueberries run between the box on  left at back fence to boxes on right. I also removed all the pavers, flipped the tarp and spread it out and measured and centered.Now it marks where we need to dig out dirt for pool. If I can must some energy I may dig some tonight. I know I can never dig it all by hand but I sure want to start. 

I have so many projects in holdidng pattern til pool in. I know we'll have to bring in at least a thing that is like a mini-bobcat. Now I can't remember what it's called. Skid something?