Monday, June 17, 2013

Out of Africa

This is my 3rd or such favorite movie. I'm watching when Dennis takes Karen lying or the first time and she sees the world as "God sees it". It reminded me of John Brookes appreciating the landscape from above in a whole new way. They are holding hands and now I'm crying.

"If I get eaten off here burn me here..." Karen
Denis "Whatever's left."

I think this movie does a great job of capturing the spirit of what it was like to be able to appreciate cultures and lands before they were "spoiled" by civilization and a woman who struggles to be independent yet trapped by titles and dependence in a male world and surrounded by selfish men. But I admire her drawing a line in the sand so as not to give away too much. But tragedy is always around the corner for her. Yet she stays steadfast in doing what she believes is right by the people of Africa.

Her farm burned down, her Dennis, died in plane crash, Farah always faithful, Bror bears the news. She must return to Denmark out of Africa and leave her farm. As she leaves the Men's Club allows her in or a drink. She was tough. I loved the clothes they wore.

But back to my little peice of land in Peoria. I believe I convinced my husband this weekend that if we all work together we can dig out this hole together and get it done!